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Michael Walton is a lighting designer currently based in Stratford, Ontario.  


Michael’s design work is heavily inspired by the unseen.   

What is the imagined world in the theatre trying to convey?  

How does light enhance, excite and support the event?  


“Event” can be translated into many forms including plays, musical scores, librettos, products, songs, or presentations. The function is the same and what is important is that the audience feels the message.  


Michael’s draws inspiration from many of the elements that surround us.  The reflected light off a pond, the smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of fingers on a fret board, or the feel of a cool breeze on a sun burn.  Each has the power to inform and inspire imagery and atmosphere.  


Many artist inspirations include Newfoundland painter Christopher Pratt and his use of simple lines and restrained colour, Pink Floyd’s multi layered sound and provocative poetry, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his focus on simplicity, strength and rhythm.  


Michael was born in Winnipeg, MB and moved to Toronto in 2005 and then to Stratford in 2009.


He lives with his wife Tara and their dogs Murphy and Oscar. 

Upcoming Projects include:

Napoli Millionaria - Stratford Festival 2018

The Full Light of Day - Electric Company 2019

Tartuffe Canadian Stage Company 2019

Cosi Fan Tutte - Canadian Opera Company 2019

A Doll's House Part II Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre / Mirvish 2019

Member of U.S.A. 829

United Scenic Artists of America

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